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October 2014 Archives

Fair Housing Amendments Act May Require Financial Accommodation to Prospective Homeowners with Disabilities

A significant factor in qualifying a prospective homeowner for community residency is an applicant's demonstrated ability to satisfy the community's income standards. Yes, a community may set financial criteria for residency without running afoul of anti-discrimination lawsprovided the community's financial qualification policies, rules and practices are applied equally.

Faithful Companion vs. Service Animal - What's the Big Deal?

If your park rules and regulations do not currently address pet restrictions and pet conduct rules, amend them. Enforce your pet rules in a consistent, but nondiscriminatory manner. Why do this? If your rules are unclear, then you may leave yourself open for potential issues and lawsuits. You should also make it clear that all "animals" in the park are subject to the park's pet conduct rules, as "service animals" are not considered "pets." Pet problems can range from the traditional loud barking dog to the more serious issue involving dogs attacking other dogs or attacking and even biting park residents. However, even service dogs and companion animals must still comply with the pet conduct rules.

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