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Month: July 2015

Cuba – It’s Not Just About Cigars Anymore

Most Americans could probably find Cuba on a map (or at least identify it as one of the larger islands in the Caribbean off the coast of Florida). But if you asked them to tell you what else they know about the country, they would probably have a hard time recalling...

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Comic Con Sues Comic Con

If you were one of the 160,000 people lucky enough to score passes to San Diego Comic Con earlier this month, then you already understand the scope of the madness that engulfs the city and takes over the downtown Convention Center every July. Whether you go because...

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Toddler Dances into Copyright Battle

Almost everyone with a smartphone posts online videos these days. And, whether it's cute kittens chasing a laser pointer in unison or obnoxious fraternity brothers pranking one another with shaving cream, every amateur videographer knows that online videos are always...

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