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Month: August 2015

Of Mice and Men and Copyrights

As we've previously reported (and with apologies to the author), the grapes of copyright wrath have been trampled by the U.S. court system over the past ten years in a series of lawsuits filed by the descendants of John Steinbeck against one another. With books like...

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HOW TO – Select a Strong Trademark

Not all words or names can be protected as trademarks. For example, no one business can claim exclusive rights in generic terms because every business owner in the same industry needs to be able to use them to identify their own goods or services. Thus, no one owns...

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DeflateGate Exchange Sparks Copyright Mayhem

As my partner, Jim Morse will attest (he's a graduate of Boston University), few are revered in New England quite so much as Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. With rugged good looks, a beautiful model-turned-wife, and a history of game-winning performances in the NFL,...

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Due Diligence for Mobile Home Park Purchase (Part 2)

As noted in part 1 of this article from the July 2015 issue we discussed our fictional account of acquiring a mobile home park through EBay. The lens we used focused on acquiring a mobile home park as a business (i.e., a going concern). This article will focus on the...

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