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Providing Legal Expertise to the Construction Industry

At Hart | King, we understand the importance of follow-through and bringing a plan together. While nobody anticipates litigation, you must be prepared and protect your business in all areas of civil and administration matters.

Hart | King is a highly experienced law firm in Orange County with years of experience representing contractors, subcontractors and design professionals. We understand the unique and specific legal needs of your industry. We offer a proven track record in a variety of matters such as:

  • Bid protests
  • Licensing
  • Public works audit and compliance
  • Union labor/wage disputes
  • ADA Disputes
  • Construction defect disputes
  • Mechanics’ liens and stop notices
  • Surety bond and insurance claims
  • Contract negotiations & disputes
  • CSLB Compliance

As is often the case, we assume that a significant portion of your legal needs involve mechanics’ liens. As you know, California law requires you to “perfect” any lien by filing a lawsuit within ninety days of the recording date. If you contact us early enough, we will try to resolve the mechanics’ lien without litigation. It sometimes can be as simple as sending our demand letter for payment, which we do for a flat rate of $175.

Construction Matters (PDF)

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We have extensive experience resolving complex construction and mechanic’s lien disputes. To learn more about what our attorneys can do to help, call us at 714-432-8700 or send us an email to arrange a time that works for you.

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