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Helping Enforce Mechanic’s Liens

When you are involved in a large real estate project, whether it is a new development or a remodeling of an existing property, there are often many parties that become involved at various stages in the process.

There are people who will supply the materials for whatever construction is required, people who work on the actual buildings needed for the project, as well as people who complete other important matters related to the development, such as electricians, plumbers and other contractors and subcontractors.

Unfortunately, with so many different groups participating, it is not uncommon for issues to arise which can threaten someone’s ability to get paid for the work or materials that they have previously provided. A mechanic’s lien is one way for individuals or businesses to protect the time, energy and resources that they put into a real estate project.

At the Santa Ana law firm of Hart King, we understand how important it is for you to receive the compensation you are owed for the work you perform. We help with all aspects of the enforcement of a mechanic’s lien, including representing:

  • Developers who have concerns regarding construction defects
  • Material providers who have not been paid for goods supplied for a project
  • Contractors or subcontractors who have claims for nonpayment for work performed
  • Property owners who hold a lien on the project

If you are a lienholder, know that there are very strict requirements in place under California law if you wish to enforce the lien. You have 90 days to file your request, and if you wait too long, you may be out of options. It is extremely important that you reach out to one of our lawyers as soon as you encounter any issues receiving the funds that you are owed for work performed on a project.

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